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Tuesday, April 9, 201304/09/2013

International Space Station Over Cville

Look up Tonight from 8:37-8:44 p.m

laptop woman

Tuesday, April 9, 201304/09/2013

Are You A Digital Omnivore?

1 in 4 of us are digital omnivores — owning a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet.


Monday, April 8, 201304/08/2013

The Theme on a Recorder. [video]

22 seconds and you’ll smile guaranteed.


Monday, April 8, 201304/08/2013

The 17-year Cicadas are coming

All you need is 17 years and 64 degrees.

eyebrow male

Friday, April 5, 201304/05/2013

Is Unibrow Discrimination Real?

Video of a Social experiment.

jack sparrow laying down 2

Friday, April 5, 201304/05/2013

Lost Dog.

Please help find this lost dog.


Thursday, April 4, 201304/04/2013

Spectacular Tree House [Photos]

“To make a good tree house, you have to think like a kid and take care of the tree,”


Wednesday, April 3, 201304/03/2013

Happy Birthday Cellphones

I’m ringing you just to see if my call sounds good at your end

egg man

Wednesday, April 3, 201304/03/2013

Hard Boiled Scrambled Eggs [VIDEO]

If you ever crave a Scrambled Hard Boiled Egg, here’s how to do it.


Tuesday, April 2, 201304/02/2013

Get More Done in Less Time [Video]

The problem: It’s easy to get motivated, but hard to stay disciplined.

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