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Monday, March 18, 201303/18/2013

Greyhound overrun by roaches [VIDEO]

Carnival Cruise had nothing to do with this.


Friday, March 15, 201303/15/2013

Lando’s Betrayal of Han Solo

Why did he do it?


Thursday, March 14, 201303/14/2013

How does gum affect focus

Chew gum stay focused.

Wednesday, March 13, 201303/13/2013

Pi Day

See what happens when you flip 3.14

see thru cell

Wednesday, March 13, 201303/13/2013

Transparent mobile device

It’s a see through cell phone.


Monday, March 11, 201303/11/2013

The Angry Planet [stunning picture]

WOW! Volcano & Lightning


Friday, March 8, 201303/08/2013

Beware: Addictive Game. Enjoy! :)


Wednesday, March 6, 201303/06/2013

Great & Powerfully FUNNY Mila Kunis interview [VIDEO]

Watch this “bloke” get totally off track. Mila a great sport.


Wednesday, March 6, 201303/06/2013

Winter Storm Prep

How to keep your loved ones and yourself safe.

carol & coleman

Tuesday, March 5, 201303/05/2013

Run In Peace Carol Finch

She was brave and strong and she inspired me.

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