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Thursday, February 28, 201302/28/2013

New Silicone Rubber Invented By UVA’s Bloomfield.

UVA’s super-nerd invents new silicone


Wednesday, February 27, 201302/27/2013

Driving habits that drive us MAD!

Infuriating driving habits that you might have committed.

Monday, February 25, 201302/25/2013

Jennifer Lawrence LOL Post-Win Interview [VIDEO]

She does not mince words.

Saturday, February 23, 201302/23/2013

Ellen in trouble with Portia over Katy

Is Ellen flirting to much?


Friday, February 22, 201302/22/2013

Gas Prices Going Up, Up, Up…

Make the best of what you have…find the cheapest in town.


Thursday, February 21, 201302/21/2013

UVA Harlem Shake

Just for fun! UVA Harlem Shake.


Tuesday, February 19, 201302/19/2013

Does your shampoo contain these chemicals?

Shampoo is too harsh?

Monday, February 18, 201302/18/2013

Adele’s pre-show ritual includes what?

If history holds true, before the Oscars, this Sunday, one of today’s biggest singing stars, may be doing something she does a lot before a show.


Monday, February 18, 201302/18/2013

It Pays to Listen

We got a winner as Burton’s Grill stopped by with a bunch of fantastic food.

Friday, February 15, 201302/15/2013

Rubio Water Bottle

Marco Rubio is capitalizing on the recent water bottle incident by coming out with this campaign fundraiser.

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