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Tuesday, February 10, 201502/10/2015

Top 10 Most Romantic Movies EVER!

Here are the Top 10 …as determined by IMDb user votes.


Friday, February 6, 201502/06/2015

Point and Shoot at Itself.

The Infinity Effect.


Thursday, February 5, 201502/05/2015

Slow-Mo Magnet Destruction

Super-strong neodymium magnets destroying everyday items in slow motion


Wednesday, February 4, 201502/04/2015

How To Clarify Butter

Every cook should know.


Monday, February 2, 201502/02/2015

Coolest Sound On Earth

Just Skipping Rocks!


Friday, January 30, 201501/30/2015

#TeslaFace (hash tag Tesla Face)

Tesla P85D Insane Mode Launch Reactions Compilation – Clean Version (still tho— lots of BLEEPS!)


Wednesday, January 28, 201501/28/2015

‘Truly Brave’ Music Video

Sara Bareilles, Cyndi Lauper, Hoda Kotb’s ‘Truly Brave’ Music Video | TODAY


Tuesday, January 27, 201501/27/2015

Watch this Coke bust

The Cops were amused.


Monday, January 26, 201501/26/2015

How Advertisers Make Burgers Look So Perfect

It’s like magic. But, Yummier!


Friday, January 23, 201501/23/2015

Adding An Uppercase Letter Makes Your Password Super Strong

Be safe out there.

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