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1) Make a slideshow with Lovestagram. Kaitlyn Trigger, girlfriend of Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, launched Lovestagram in 2012 as a sort of interactive Valentine’s Day card maker. The app takes all of the Instagram photos you and your loved one share (via mutual username tags, the same locations within an hour and exchanged comments) and puts them together in a slideshow, complete with love-themed frames.
2) Generate a love poem. Love poems aren’t easy. Even if you’re a regular Pablo Neruda, they almost always sound too sappy, or otherwise don’t make sense at all (please refrain from using “thou” and “shall;” you’re not a 17th century bard). If your special someone enjoys a good verse or two, but you don’t know where to start, there are online poem generators that you can personalize with specific names and even hint at other gifts.
3) Revamp “dinner and a movie.” Modernize the classic date night by searching through the most romantic recipes online. Websites like and have specific Valentine’s Day selections sure to make your mouth water and your loved one’s heart flutter. As for the movie aspect, you can customize your Netflix Instant Queue to reflect the mood of the evening. No lines, no fighting to get the perfect seats — a feel-good rom-com is only a click away.
4) Bring the mixtape into the 21st century. Admit it — you still find the concept of mixtapes romantic, and for good reason. The thoughtfulness behind curating a special playlist is evident, which is why you shouldn’t automatically count it out. With Spotify, you can find virtually any song, including the one that played when you met, the one you danced to on your first date, and even the one you played when serenading her below her window when she broke up with you that one time (maybe leave that one out). You can even make a Pandora playlist based on your special someone’s favorite music, and play it in the background during dinner. You romantic, you.
5) DIY crafts through Pinterest and YouTube. Homemade gifts are the ultimate way to communicate your love — because you slaved over a hot glue gun and sparkly felt for six hours. In all seriousness, making something yourself really does show you care. But what should you make?
6) Create a custom animated video. This one’s sort of goofy, but it can work for the right person. Free sites like Go!Animate help you put together animated videos with characters, scripts, dialogue and more. Recreate your first date, or send a video to your loved one while he or she is at work, and have the characters hint at what you have planned that night.
7) Name a star. Naming a star after someone is cliché (and scientifically unfounded), but it can be a sweet gift for the sentimental type — or, you know, a space nerd. While you can’t officially name a star after your significant other, sites like Name a Star and International Star Registry go to the trouble of making it look official, with a fancy certificate and specific telescope coordinates. This will show your loved one that the sky isn’t the limit for your love, or something equally mawkish.

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