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Thursday, March 14, 201303/14/2013

JT Brings Sexy Back Barber Shop Style!

Jimmy Fallon has Justin Timberlake on the show all this week and they are great together. This barber shop quartet…


Tuesday, March 12, 201303/12/2013

Will It Work Wednesday~”Rabbit TV”

I like to watch TV, but I hate paying for it. Could this possibly be what I’ve been looking for?…


Monday, March 11, 201303/11/2013

Wanna See Some Magic?

My daughter’s room is in major need of painting due to many things, but mostly because of posters on her…

Thursday, March 7, 201303/07/2013

Russell Crowe Sees Something Strange

Russell Crow’s Strange UFO Footage.

driving in snow

Wednesday, March 6, 201303/06/2013

Winter Driving Tips

Expert winter driver, Mark Cox, and director of Bridgestone’s winter driving school. Here are some helpful tips for drivng in…


Tuesday, March 5, 201303/05/2013

Will It Work Wednesday~”The Ab Belt”

FROM THEIR WEBSITE: “Shape N Tone by Sport Elec target the entire abdominal area, unlike traditional crunches. The Sport-Elec belt…

Tuesday, March 5, 201303/05/2013

Guess Who Might Be Returning To Music?

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch! I once heard Mark Wahlberg say that he would never return to music b/c…


Monday, March 4, 201303/04/2013

Questions For Peggy From Closet Factory

Peggy is ready to answer your organization questions. Go ahead and ask her anything. Or check out Closet Factory at…

african cats premiere 14 250412

Friday, March 1, 201303/01/2013

What Will Kate and Williams’ Baby Look LIke?

Very attractive apparently. Here are some computer generated photos. It will be interesing to see if he or she actually looks like…

washing car

Tuesday, February 26, 201302/26/2013

Will It Work Wednesday~”Wipe New”

I’ve been seeing this on TV lately and I am facinated because my car could really use this product. It…

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