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Monday, April 1, 201304/01/2013

Top 100 April Fools Hoaxes EVER!

Left Handed Burger, AL Changes Value of Pi and more.

easter eggs

Friday, March 29, 201303/29/2013

What!? Make Your Own Cadbury Eggs

They’re dee-lish! You can make ‘em.

Thursday, March 28, 201303/28/2013

Brilliant Courtney Stodden Interview

Can you count how many times she repeats every word they say?

easter candy

Wednesday, March 27, 201303/27/2013

Peeps~I Hate ‘Em

These recipes might change that though


Tuesday, March 26, 201303/26/2013

Will It Work Wednesday~WD-40 Alternative Uses

What do you use WD-40 for that goes beyond the recommended uses?

Morgans room

Wednesday, March 20, 201303/20/2013

Advantage Handyman Does It Again!

I would be crazy if I didn’t say that I am completely impressed by what Advantage Handyman just worked out…


Tuesday, March 19, 201303/19/2013

Will It Work Wednesday~”The shUVee”

A weird name, but a good concept. The shUVee is a shoe sanitizer! It claims to get rid of smelly…


Monday, March 18, 201303/18/2013

Advantage Handyman At My House TODAY!

Yay! Finally getting some much needed painting done. The hallway, staircase and my daughter’s room is the latest project. Jorge…

ng justin timberlake 281011

Thursday, March 14, 201303/14/2013

JT Brings Sexy Back Barber Shop Style!

Jimmy Fallon has Justin Timberlake on the show all this week and they are great together. This barber shop quartet…


Tuesday, March 12, 201303/12/2013

Will It Work Wednesday~”Rabbit TV”

I like to watch TV, but I hate paying for it. Could this possibly be what I’ve been looking for?…

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