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Monday, November 10, 201411/10/2014

Weird SkyMall Gifts

Eye Massagers and Star Wars Toast

coat closet full 1

Saturday, November 1, 201411/01/2014

Coat Closet Before/After Pictures

Closet Factory is saving us from the clutter!

Sherrys Halloween front

Friday, October 31, 201410/31/2014

Can You Guess Who I Am?

Two costumes, one shirt

clown 1

Friday, October 31, 201410/31/2014


clowns, superhero’s, convicts and Harry Potter

halloween costume

Wednesday, October 29, 201410/29/2014

Quick Last Minute Halloween Costumes

50 Shades, Identity Thief, Ceiling Fan and more!


Tuesday, October 28, 201410/28/2014

5 Tech Myths

Here’s the truth


Monday, October 20, 201410/20/2014

Breaking Bad Figures in Toys R Us Stores

Aaron Paul starts a petition of his own!

candy corn

Friday, October 17, 201410/17/2014

Best Halloween Candy To Eat

Reese’s or Butterfinger?

can opener

Wednesday, October 15, 201410/15/2014

Can Openers That Actually WORK!

According to you there are 3! Yay!

credit card

Monday, October 13, 201410/13/2014

Never Use A Debit Card Here

Gas station, online and many more…

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