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Q: British survey says 26% of women admit to doing this at the gym and it impacts their workout.
Q: British survey says 26% of women admit to doing this at the gym and it impacts their workout.

A: Wearing make-up to the gym

WOMEN ADMIT TO WEARING MAKE-UP TO THE GYM, AND THAT IT IMPACTS THEIR WORK OUTS: A British survey reveals that some women wear make-up to the gym and that it impacts their work outs. administered the survey, and found that while 55-percent of women said they do not bother wearing make-up to the gym, 26-percent said that they do. Thurty-eight-percent said they wear the make-up because they never leave the house without applying it. Twenty-nine-percent said the wear the stuff to boost their confidence, and 11-percent admitted they wear it in order to impress members of the opposite sex. Additionally, 64-percent said wearing make-up impacted the way they work out, and 51-percent said they don’t work out as hard when wearing it. (Daily Mail)

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