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Would You Do This For a Million $$??
Would You Do This For a Million $$??

There Is a great book by John Peak, that is all hypothetical questions as to what you would and would not do for a million dollars. With the Powerball at $400 million, what would you do for the money?

– Using a circular saw, you must cut off the finger of your choice.

– Spend one year in the general population at a maximum security prison.

– You may never watch another television program for the rest of your life.

– You can only use public restrooms for the rest of your life… and you must always sit right down without looking at the bowl first.

– Wear headphones blaring “Don’t Worry Be Happy” day and night, non-stop, continually for six months.

– Eat a bowl of other people’s scabs.

– Wear your hair exactly like Don King’s, every day, for two years.

– Take any domestic compact car to 70 mph on the highway. You must turn the wheel sharply and flip the car at least once to get the money.

– You can never have another alcoholic beverage for the rest of your life.

– Wear excessive amounts of fart spray, as cologne, every day, for the next five years.

– You must live in a home without any power for 5 years.

– Hold your breath and stick your head in an elephant’s butt for 30 seconds.

– Clean the entire bathroom of the areas dirtiest gas station bathroom, using nothing more than your tongue.


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